The Joys of Motherhood

Motherhood is universal in the sense that everyone has had a connection to it at some point. While we differ in the levels of deepness in resonating with the topic, many will have some idea on it, especially the joys it gives.

For those who really celebrate the gift of motherhood, it is a blessing that can give you a lot of happiness. After all, seeing the growth of a human being before your eyes can give you a sense of accomplishment and a daily reminder of your love and wisdom. In case you are planning to pursue motherhood or need a reminder of its joys, consider this a refreshment.

·        The first joy of motherhood is how you are able to exercise responsibility. Once the baby forms in your womb or once you adopt a child, you will feel an instant bond that can never be severed. From this responsibility comes the joy of being needed and knowing that your instincts and the things that have led you to this moment have been worth it. By being able to impart your wisdom and guiding your child into the world, you will feel joy.

·        Next, you will enhance your empathy further. Seeing the world in a new set of eyes that sees things for what they are rather than what has been taught to them over the years can greatly refresh your understanding of other people. You see others in a new light. Nasty habits and judgmental decisions that you make upon seeing others can be removed, and instead, a newfound empathy will be in its place. You will find yourself easily getting along with others, smiling and laughing more, and being refreshed as a person. Bonding with other mothers through this shared empathy is also easy because you have shared experiences and hardships.

·        Of course, one of the best but bittersweet joys of motherhood is seeing your children grow up. After they have listened to you and after being nourished, they start to create unique ideas from a combination of experiences from their schooling, family, friends, and more. You will feel proud knowing that your child has blossomed into someone who can stand on their own in the world. This makes it feel like all your hard work finally paid off and that you have given the world another gem of a person to treasure.

Motherhood can get tough but knowing these simple joys and refreshing them in your mind can greatly help in improving your mood and reminding you that it is worth it in the end.

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