Motherhood can get tough, but no matter what stage you are in, it is important to know that you have countless resources that you can depend on. In case you are looking for a quick way to be refreshed on different motherhood topics and if you need advices, tips, and regular news about this or simply what women go through, the blog has got you covered. We have created this as a safe space for discussion and regular updates about any newfound knowledge we have. We can provide you with a lot of beneficial information that can come in handy at any time.

We are a group of 5 empowered women that are proud mothers of our children. Our expertise ranges among many categories, with one being an OB Gyne, one being a work-at-home mom, another being a busy accountant, one being a psychologist and one who is a businesswoman. This makes us a diverse set of authors that have almost seen it all. We know what it’s like to feel too restrictive in your parenting, to feel that you may not be doing enough for your child, or even feeling like you’re helping your children too much. We also regularly talk with fellow moms to keep our info updated and to broaden our wisdom on the topic.

On our website, you can get information with almost anything about womanhood and motherhood. We celebrate the everyday joys brought by our children, talk about the downsides and problems that usually come with it, and more. We understand that every family is different and do our best to find a middle ground applicable to mothers all around the world, especially Australian mothers. We constantly update our blog to inform you of new parenting techniques, any particular problem that plagues women and mothers at a specific time, and more. We are continuing to grow and to meet more topics, so make sure to keep yourself updated on our new content.