September is upon us, and for thousands of students it’s time to start thinking about where to stay next academic year. Yes, let’s be clear, the university is important, but equally important is to find a ‘ home fit and comfortable.

No, it’s not a complicated thing, just have a lot of patience, don’t stop at the first house you see, understand exactly what you are looking for, how to look for it, always evaluate the pros and cons before stopping the house and above all beware of scams.

Where stay?

The first thing to do, specially if you are a beginner, is to decide where to stay.

  • Independent apartment
  • Room in a shared apartment
  • Bed
  • Student

As you can see, there are few options, it’s up to you to choose according to your budget, your character and your spirit of adaptation.

Where to look?

If you opt for the studentate, it is usually accessed through the competition, so in this case you have to check the calls for bids on your institution’s university website.

For private homes, single apartment , room or bed you can Read the ads posted on the university notice boards Search in specialized real estate sites By contacting a real estate agency in the area NB To deepen these two first points I suggest you to read how to find accommodation for university students

Don’t be rushed

Often the announcements are not truthful, you always go to see the rooms or the houses, don’t stop it without seeing it because often what looks like a castle from the description can turn out to be a hovel.

Before stopping a house assessed

Where is it located near the university or on the opposite side of the city? Often a house far from the university costs less, but then you have to calculate the transport costs it is served by public transport If it is in condominium, how much the condominium expenses amount to Finally, pay attention to scams

What a contract to make

Well, if you are thinking about the type of contract it means that you have found suitable accommodation for your needs.

Italian law has established a type of contract suitable for off-site university students.

The duration of the contract must be agreed between the owner and the tenant and must be between 6 and 36 months.

The amount of the fee must be calculate on the basis of the agreements stipulated between the Municipality and trade unions, so it cannot be freely established by the owner of the property .